Truelove’s Gutter, Time Travel and Hank Williams Jnr

I know what you’ll think, I was probably just suffering from an over active imagination or the after effects of the previous night’s alcohol but the first time I heard Truelove’s Gutter I felt as if I had undergone some…

Borrowed Souls Hit The 'KILLSWITCH'

Borrowed Souls started out life, in 2016, as a covers band taking in the likes of Portishead, The Black Keys, and Alabama Shakes. As sometimes happens when a musical chemistry is formed between members, they realised they’d got something between…

Who are your influences?

If people get beyond simply tapping their feet or nodding their heads to your music, they can get pretty curious about the what, why and how of what it is you're actually doing.

'Why you writing about that?' 'How did…

Epiphany & Revelation

Greetings Folks 

Just to let you know that we are really pleased to have launched our debut album and that it is now available through all the usual streaming channels and on CD. (Applause)!

'Epiphany and Revelation' is a doomed